A Tale of Two Hoodies

December 18, 2017


A painting created and inspired by the Trayvon Martin case boldly symbolizes the racism in the American Criminal Justice system. The artist, Michael D’Antuono, was outraged by George Zimmerman trying to profit from killing a teenager armed with skittles. Zimmerman sold one of his paintings on eBay for $100,000, and soon after, D’Antuono was asked to take his painting down because it violated their policy of glorifying hate groups or depicting the KKK. According to D’Antuono, at the time eBay had over 1500 other items related to the KKK that didn’t get shut down. Misinterpreting the paintings meaning, a hate group in Michigan co-opted it in 2015. A year later a high school teacher in Nevada was suspended for using the painting to promote critical thought.

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