Fashion's Obsession with Domestic Abuse

February 5, 2016





If there's one thing I've noticed with fashion, it's the use of women as objects, more so the innuendos if not flat out portrayals of domestic abuse. This can be especially seen in high fashion labels, such as Dolce and Gabana and Jimmy Choo. In the featured photograph of one of Vogue's covers, a model is being choked, which can be assumed as an inference to domestic violence. Although interpretation have been mixed for this particular cover, the entire fashion industry in general, have portrayed fashion layouts that may be interpreted as aggression towards women and domestic violence. In many photographs, we see women typically sprawled on the floor with distorted bodies, to "show off" their product, but these photographs also have the ability to send subtle messages about domestic violence, especially in photographs in which it portrays male dominance over the female model. In the second photograph, we see a man's hand symbolizing a gun in a model's mouth. This is also an example of the portrayal of domestic violence.

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