the teardrop tattoo

November 22, 2012


The above video shows Lil Wayne's face tattoos. Lil Wayne has a couple of teardrop tattoos on his face. Many gangsters and convicts have the teardrop tattoo on their face under the eyes. This tattoo has many different meanings. Outside of the prison system it usually represents the loss of a person close to you. However, in prison it means that the person who has the tattoo has killed someone, and each teardrop represents one murder they have committed. Also, if the teardrop is empty, it means that their attempt at a murder was unsuccessful. However, there are some teardrop tattoos that are full at the bottom but empty at the top, this usually means that the death of a loved one has been avenged. Usually inmates that have the teardrop tattoo, have it to let other inmates know not to mess with them because they're capable of killing you.

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