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September 19, 2018

There is no argument or doubt towards the fact that paintings from the renaissance time period are incredibly popular and are still studied by students, art critics, and simple citizens even though they are intensely graphic. People travel from all over to visit old ar...

April 13, 2018

Spanish artist Adrian Pino Olivera was arrested in Paris after posing naked except for a black robe in front of the Mona Lisa painting. Olivera was arrested immediately spending 24 hours in prison and then banned for life from the Louvre. He is known for his project ar...

November 18, 2017

“There’s nothing like the feeling you get from the crowd, the chase, the wind between your legs, pure freedom. If ever you feel bored, low, or helpless, I will be there to save the day, to raise your spirits—and perhaps a few other things. You only live once, let it al...

September 18, 2017

The human body, especially the body of a female, has been a point of contention within society since the beginning of time. The body of a woman has rarely been hers. It has been property to man, covered up, shamed, and made to be something immoral. It has become crimin...

September 18, 2017

How does one draw a contrast between art and pornorgraphy? Art and crime? A New York artist prompted his city’s police to do just that when he had “150 people to lie naked in the middle of Times Square” (Ramirez) to pose for a photo. Spencer Tunick, aims to do one thin...

September 13, 2017

Imagine walking into a museum filled with patrons and disrobing in front of everyone. Deborah De Robertis is a performance artist who is known for exposing her genitals in front of people and paintings, but its not because she is an exhibitionist. While the room stares...

September 23, 2016

Laws everywhere prohibit nudity and people get arrested for public indecency if they are caught naked in public. However, there is a grey area when it comes to body paint, where people are not always arrested. The article discusses cases of when people covered in body...

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